é o país do Sr. Bush (Vai em inglês mesmo que meu inglês é péssimo para tradução
ou qualquer outra coisa que não apenas a compreensão, do meu jeito, obvio :-):
Drafted the Justice Department memorandum regarding the use of torture in
prisoner interrogations that Attorney General John Ashcroft refused to disclose
to the Senate Judiciary Committee last week. The August 2002 memo from the
Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel to White House Counsel Alberto
Gonzales argued that torture of captured al Qaeda terrorists “may be justified.”
The memo was first reported by Dana Priest and R. Jeffrey Smith in the
Washington Post on June 8. Now the memo itself has been made available online by
the Post, linked from this page: The Bush
Administration’s secrecy in the matter, although futile in this case, has drawn
scorn from critics. “It is inexcusable to read about such memos in the Wall
Street Journal, Washington Post and New York Times and then to have them denied
to the Senate by the Executive Branch,” said Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) in a
statement last week. “Hiding these documents from view is the sign of a
cover-up, not of cooperation,” said Sen. Leahy, a member of the Senate Judiciary
Committee. “It is troubling to see Attorney General Ashcroft take the Bush
Administration into cover-up mode as the Senate tries to get to the bottom of
the prison abuse scandal.” Fonte: FAS – Federation of American Scientists
——- Depois a turma no Orkut ainda acha que vale a pena tentar discutir
alguma coisa em fóruns tipo “I hate Brazilians” como os que se multiplicam no
serviço, em proporção pouco inferior à progressão geométrica com que parece
aumentar o número de brasileiros por lá… É jogar pérolas… Bom, vocês sabem o
ditado. ::Via Desktop::